Question:  What does professional photography cost?

What does a photographer cost? Answer:  It depends.  In Columbia and Dutchess County and the surrounding areas of upstate NY the typical photographer will charge $100 to $450 per hour of actual shooting time. However, with BABU Photo Video you are charged based on your ability to pay.  This known as a sliding scale fee structure. This means that if you drive a $60k German luxury car and own a half-million dollar home on 15 acres in Kinderhook you are able to pay more than if you drive a rusty  Honda and you can barely afford to make the rent for your tiny apartment in Stottville.  Actually, in the latter case we may create your photographs pro bono (free). 

Why does BABU have such an unusual pricing methodology?  Because we have found (for the most part) people that can afford to help others in fact want to help others.  In addition, we do it because it helps our photography service stand out from the crowd.  Lastly, and most important to us, we do it because it feels good... it feels just.

Photographs can help human beings maintain a sense meaning, purpose, and of permanence in a world that is anything but.  To this end we are very proud to contribute.  BABU will work with you to create photographs that you will cherish -and- fit your budget.